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Seven years ago, I set out to explore My Infinite Possibilities with a whole new way of life and operation, and since then I have been helping others find their own way!


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It is not common for our lives to turn upside down within a few weeks.

Unless you really start to choose yourself, your joy and happiness is every single day.

This is how my story began 6 years ago. I divorced and became a single mom with three tiny children, and the intense changes in my life sent me completely to the floor. It was then that I first heard about this strange method called Access Consciousness, and especially Access Bars.

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Fedezd fel ezt a különleges pozitív pszichológiára, hipnoterápiára és kvantum coaching épülő technikát, és relaxáló, energetizáló testkezelések kombinációját ami a tudatalattid és a rezgésszinted átformálásával totálisan megváltoztathatja a valóságodat, könnyedséget, örömöt csöpögtetve a mindennapjaidba.



Rapid Transformational Therapy is the most effective way I have known so far to clear any jams in one or a few times. It is extremely fast and effective for releasing self-confidence, phobias, anxiety, habits, as it solves the deepest causes of the problem during therapy, which has been rated the most effective technique in England and Worldwide.


Business Coaching

Based on more than a decade of leadership and strategic consulting experience in the business world, I have developed a method that promotes business efficiency and development by providing support at the organizational level and through personalized, managerial, or employee-targeted development to help businesses succeed and compete. strongly strengthens.


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Business Coaching

What if your business and life were running so efficiently, easily and with joy that you didn’t even notice you were working, yet it would be more productive than ever?

By creating a professional, efficient and enjoyable business model, I provide support that enhances the profitability and competitiveness of businesses, with individual, managerial or employee-targeted development based on decades of professional experience.

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KreAktiVita Center

A DREAM came true:
Creative, Active, Lively program venue on the boulevard!
The KreAktiVita Center is a community space for wonderful events, workshops, courses,
hosts exhibitions! Check out my current events, I look forward to seeing you in this supportive space!

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Let's meet on my live or online courses, or onycome with me to my experience trips to the most beautiful places of the world - which will help you create a more enjoyable Life. Details can be found in the Courses, Online Courses and Custom Options menu! I look forward to meeting you in person one day!

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The source of the creation of your life is YOU - I can help you remember and finally do this so that you can stand in your strength and choose Yourself and what works for You!

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