Bali Luxurious Retreat

Ft1 520 000 Ft


We cordially invite you to wonderful Bali for a week of recharging and finding yourself. What would it be like to spend 6 days in a Paradise where you throw away the limits and things that hold you back and enter your infinite possibilities?
How would it be if you learned the Vibecodes method in a magical place and received the body treatments right on the water’s edge?
How far can the rhythm of the waves of the sea take you and how many unnecessary points of view can you get rid of?
The program will be as follows:
Departure on October 17
Arrival in Bali: October 18. Free program

✨ October 18: Vibecodes woman Power introductory evening
✨ October 19-20: Vibecodes instructor training
✨ October 21: Exclusive customized facilitation – sailing to nearby islands, snorkeling, enjoying marine life

✨ October 22: exchange of vibecodes test treatment
It is possible to request an individual 5-continent massage or Expanse therapy test treatment from one of our wonderful therapists for an additional fee

In the afternoon, an optional trip to the rice fields

✨ This is October 22: closing program Quantum – meditation

October 23 return! (If you want to stay in Bali and explore the sights of the island, we can make further suggestions regarding the extension in a private message!)

If you want to pay in installments, write a message to the e-mail address info@komaromibori.com!

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