Are you a wellness therapist?

Are you giving body- or energetic treatments, or are you a masseur?

Do you want to train yourself, add something new to your current activity?

Take a level up and develop your existing expertise with an exclusive knowledge that sets it apart from the rest!

Would you start your wellness business now?

By taking the 5 Continents Massage course, you can build on a foundation that your future guests will welcome,
and they get back to you with pleasure!

Do you want to surprise each other with your Partner?

This massage is a “touch of pure presence, love, attention and care”. You will be given a gift with this treatment
- if you come together, you can take your relationship to a new level!

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2 days with

Body and



What makes 5 Continents Massage a unique experience?


The 5 Continents Massage combines techniques used in different parts of the world to take us to Asia, using the treats of energy-rich Shiatsu and Tuina to make the body more balanced through energy meridians

Combined with the Hawaiian Lomi-Lomi technique, which offers a “unique / divine massage,” the M5C’s “undulating” movements flood the entire body with soothing relaxation.

Turkish massage, as it is massaged in the baths, gives a very energetic and dynamic experience that is effectively relaxing and relaxing.

Ayurvedic energies from India open the chakras, where Marma and energy points receive special attention in the 5 continents of massage.



What can you give to others with this knowledge?


What is good in a 5 Continent massage?

 reduces stress in your life

mental, emotional, physical blocks dissolve

 helps to accept body image

 your well-being improves

 helps with deep relaxation

 it has a vitalizing and energizing effect

 it enables you to accept and accept yourself

 it creates a presence and connection with your body

Become a 5 Continents Masseur!

In the 2-day 5 Continent Massage course, you will learn the movements step by step, and on the second day we will practice the full body massage!

Have you always longed to become a helping professional who gives real value and really contributes to the lives of others?

Eyes closed and half smile on face…

Good sighs, relaxed bodies…

Grateful looks…

Returning guests looking for your magic knowledge


Working with these uplifting feelings is invaluable!

What this course gives and what it doesn't, and what do you get from it?

 You will receive an instructional textbook

You will be a registered international 5 Continent Massage Therapist

 You will receive an international diploma for the course

 No training is required to complete the course!

 The 5 continent massage course does NOT give you an OKJ profession or qualification!


 Fontos: Nem sportmasszázs vagy hivatalos terápiás gyógymasszázs! Az ilyen képesítéshez több éves tanulmányok szükségesek a különböző országok államai által minősített professzionális masszázsiskolákban!

 – Nem az izmok, ízületek, csontok anatómiáját tanítja meg!

 – Ez egy wellness és szeretet masszázs

 – Giving care, care and harmony to the client who can relieve stress and feel energetic after the massage

M5C works with soft touch, care, presence of harmony and energy of love

Based on thousands of years of experience in alternative medicine in China, the handbook explains the movements of massage, shows the meridians, and how it can affect our organs, our physical and mental well-being.

We use a special blend of essential oils during the massage, and the manual explains how the 25 essential oils support and contribute to our health.

The M5C is not harmful!Since touch, hug and presence have never had a bad effect on anyone, on the other hand, scientists have shown that lack of touch can cause both mental and physical illnesses.

If you attend a 2-day M5C course with an M5C teacher, you will receive an international certificate of 5 Continents Massage and be registered as an M5C Operator with the Official International M5C Association recognized by M5C Worldwide!

A masszázs mellékhatása, hogy boldogabbá válunk, hálásak vagyunk testünkért és a megtestesülés örömévé válunk!

And who will guide you through all this

I am Bori

I'm Bori from Komárom. I love touch, hedonism, to receive the miracle of our incarnation with all our senses! As a coach, I try to pass it on to my guests to begin to open up to the enjoyment of life, letting go of everyday stress, coming into unity and co-creation with the body.

I tried all kinds of massages and went to treatments regularly, but I never thought I would ever be a massager until I was asked to organize and interpret a course in Hungary, a special massage technique to train on 5 continents.

For 2 days, from morning to evening, to receive and give away the caring, nourishing touch, to feel the relaxing, soothing and invigorating effect of aroma oils, to be in a total presence, it was an experience of the joy of existence that I was determined to show this feeling to everyone The 5 continents of massage is an inner journey in getting to know and accept ourselves, our body. During the treatment, we get to a completely different dimension where we can experience the essence of life! Do you choose to acknowledge the miracle that is called YOU? Megnyitás a Google Fordítóban • Visszajelzés

A következő 5 Kontinens Masszázs kezelői tanfolyam Borival:

2024.05. 20-21.

9-16 óráigVintage Cottage

 Mennyibe kerül a kétnapos hivatalos 5 Kontinens Masszázs tanfolyam?

A tanfolyam ára 220.000 forint, amely tartalmazza:

-oils used in the course

- the award of an international diploma issued for the completion of the course

- a textbook with all the useful information

And the license fee of becoming registered international 5 Continent Massage Therapist leszel!

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2 days



Come and master this wonderful touch and massage therapy:


If you want to get a new perspective on life


If you want to learn an amazing technique based on 5 different massage techniques from around the world

If you want to give your partner or family a special and loving, refreshing experience

If you want to expand your repertoire

 If you want to give more to your customers than a massage

 If you want to contribute to the Universe with your energies!


következő tanfolyam:









Only 10 people can take part in this training!

Don't miss out, secure your place!